Massage chairs vs masseuse

I work in quite a busy environment, with a lot of heavy lifting involved that can cause problems if you over do it, especially with back pains. As I’ve got older, this has become increasingly common, and is making me frustrated, especially when i’m home for the weekend but I can’t get much done due to carrying a injury.

I had to come to a decision the other day with regards to how I spend my time relaxing and relieving this pain, or I will have to change career back to the office. I’ve decided to make a few changes in my lifestyle to prevent this.

The first of these changes is working towards having a good posture, which in itself has many benefits. I will be doing this by performing all kinds of stretches for my neck, legs, back, and hips.

human-touchAdditionally, I will be looking at potentially hiring a masseuse for soothing the aches and pains from the manual labor conducted throughout the day. The problem here is the sessions will all add up, and it can get quite expensive over time. I don’t see this being a long term solution, although the last massage therapist I hired really did help me.

Instead, after a bit of research, I think that getting a new massaging chair could be the way forward. Whilst the initial costs may be sky high, over time, this will become cheaper than hiring a therapist whilst still being able to use it as and when you want.

Having looked at what some of the best rated massage chairs can do these days, according to, they aren’t far off the real thing, with some great functionality that involves heat therapy, and many differing types of rollers hitting your back and legs for improve blood circulation, and easing any pain and tension.

In my case, I will need something to ease neck pain, back pain, and that feeling in your feet when you’ve been standing up for the majority of the day. So ideally, something that works the whole body including the legs, and has the ability to recline, potentially a zero gravity model.

There are several that meet this criteria, which can make choosing one difficult. But I think Panasonic may be a safe bet. Undecided as of yet though.

One things for certain, if this isn’t doing the job for me, it’s going back to the shop and I will hire a masseuse instead. But having already used a friends massage chair, I’m confident they will really help me with my problem.

Any way I look at it, and judging from consumer feedback on a lot of these seats, I stand to gain much and lose little, as they tend to come with reasonable return policies in case they don’t do enough for me.

Stay tuned for updates on the model I choose and whether or not it worked for me.