Fitted the toilet today. Finally.

After a lot of hard work, I have finally finished installing the new toilet this evening. Now don’t get me wrong, there is an awful lot of work left to be completed in the bathroom, but after finishing this as well as the shower head, I finally feel like I’m making progress towards our family vision of a well designed household that is modern, bright, and stylish.

The unit we ended up picking was from the American Standard brand. There was a lot of debate about which one to choose and whether to buy online, or go to a shop near us, but with the help of the buying guides and reviews on the Toilet Brains site, we found one that we felt was the best toilet for our home.

It has a great looking elongated bowl, and a tank which comes equipped with chiselled edges. Then there is the case of the concealed trapway too. All this adds up to a loo that looks aesthetically pleasing.

Then the flush performance according to map testing tells us the bulk waste removal task is a breeze thanks to the high power, but efficient flushing mechanism.

In fact, staying on the subject of efficiency, we read that because it uses around 1.28 gallons in each flush, the amount saved per year is in the thousands compared to ordinary models, which is always good news, especially where the environment is concerned.

The installation process was relatively straight forward. It was a two man job removing the old one, but the new one was actually quite light and easy to fit onto the waste outlet. Screwing it all in took a couple of hours, but I’m something of a perfectionist, so someone who’s a quick learner or just gets directly to the point, will no doubt complete it quicker.

But that’s not the only thing we fitted. Over the weekend just gone, we put some nice spot lights in strategic locations on the ceiling, as well as locations beneath the cabinets. At night time when these are switched on, you can begin to appreciate the color themes of the tiling, wooden flooring, and the toilet combined.

We’ve still got little things to complete in the bathroom, like putting up a ceiling fan, and finishing painting, but I’d say the bulk majority of the tasks are completed. And it’s looking great. I definitely deserve a pat on the back.