Find a great bathtub for your home

It’s no good having the most beautiful bathroom imaginable if the rest of the hardware don’t match up. One of the main features of a room that stands out is the bathtub. And no, i’m not talking about the tacky hot tub kind, I’m talking about the real thing.

For a well designed product can make or break a theme. And with the vast availability of multiple types of units available, it can be confusing choosing just the one out of many.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with the bathtub specialists on to give our readers a clue about the best bathtubs on the market, which brands to buy, and how individual specifications can make a big difference to your soaking experience.

First things first, you should be keeping tabs on the amount of gallons it holds, as well as overall depth. Shallow tubs aren’t exactly going to provide the greatest or most comfortable of washing experiences. You should aim for 45 gallons or more for best results.

Next up, you should think about the surround and material. The reason to do so is to find out how well it retains heat and the overall durability. They come in all shapes and sizes, with cast iron, acrylic, and fiberglass among the top picks by consumers.

The manufacturer should almost certainly play a role in your buying decision. Lesser known brands don’t always carry the same quality and reputation that goes with that. One of our favorites is American Standard, for their simple yet contemporary designs. That doesn’t mean you won’t find quality elsewhere, but for people wanting a sensible and safe choice, this could be a smart choice.

Moving on to price. This will naturally come down to individual budget. However, you can gauge the sort of price range by the size and company of the bathtub. For example, a tub measuring 54 inches in length will be far more compact than many of its competitors, and require less material in its construction, so you can expect them to be fairly inexpensive.

Finally, whatever you do, make sure the design matches other aspects of the bathroom. For example, if you’ve got a new toilet or shower, you want to stick to the same color theme and curves. Ideally, the same product range too. You’d be surprised how something so little can make a huge difference.



Fitted the toilet today. Finally.

After a lot of hard work, I have finally finished installing the new toilet this evening. Now don’t get me wrong, there is an awful lot of work left to be completed in the bathroom, but after finishing this as well as the shower head, I finally feel like I’m making progress towards our family vision of a well designed household that is modern, bright, and stylish.

The unit we ended up picking was from the American Standard brand. There was a lot of debate about which one to choose and whether to buy online, or go to a shop near us, but with the help of the buying guides and reviews on the Toilet Brains site, we found one that we felt was the best toilet for our home.

It has a great looking elongated bowl, and a tank which comes equipped with chiselled edges. Then there is the case of the concealed trapway too. All this adds up to a loo that looks aesthetically pleasing.

Then the flush performance according to map testing tells us the bulk waste removal task is a breeze thanks to the high power, but efficient flushing mechanism.

In fact, staying on the subject of efficiency, we read that because it uses around 1.28 gallons in each flush, the amount saved per year is in the thousands compared to ordinary models, which is always good news, especially where the environment is concerned.

The installation process was relatively straight forward. It was a two man job removing the old one, but the new one was actually quite light and easy to fit onto the waste outlet. Screwing it all in took a couple of hours, but I’m something of a perfectionist, so someone who’s a quick learner or just gets directly to the point, will no doubt complete it quicker.

But that’s not the only thing we fitted. Over the weekend just gone, we put some nice spot lights in strategic locations on the ceiling, as well as locations beneath the cabinets. At night time when these are switched on, you can begin to appreciate the color themes of the tiling, wooden flooring, and the toilet combined.

We’ve still got little things to complete in the bathroom, like putting up a ceiling fan, and finishing painting, but I’d say the bulk majority of the tasks are completed. And it’s looking great. I definitely deserve a pat on the back.

A brand new shower head

The shower head in my home has always been a bit of a let down. But no matter how many times we planned on changing it, other things have come up, got in the way, and took priority over it.

It’s a shame as there has been times where the spray power has been painfully low recently, and been on a gradual decline in overall water coverage over the past ten years we’ve had it.

This may come down to how well maintained they are, which in our case is not very. I only really read about what mineral deposits were the other day and how a build up of these deposits can effect spray performance and flow rate. What it does is clog the nozzles up and limit them from optimum power. Which could explain why mine is going wrong.

So, on Saturday I tried to give it a bit of a clean up. The results were surprising. On closer inspection, the spray holes on the face plate were dirty, but due to it being stainless steel, it was easy to wash off. But unfortunately, the issues were not resolved, the amount of water coming through was about the same as before, maybe a little higher.

So today, I’ve made the decision to look at various shower head reviews online on to see if there is anything that looks like it could be a good match for me. Preferably, I will want something with enough functions to change the power of the spray, and ideally, detachable, so it becomes more versatile for other washing tasks around the household.

At first glance, there is a lot to take in, what with the choice of brand names like Kohler, Moen, and Delta. Plus, understanding the different types can get confusing, with rainfall, high pressure, low flow, dual, and many others to pick from.

Additionally, I will need to ensure it fits what I’m currently doing with the design and layout of the bathroom, which is currently a combination of white tiles on the floor, cream paint on the walls, and a white ceiling. The sunlight hits it well, and it’s quite a bright room. Which makes me think keeping to a stainless steel, or chrome finish may be the way forward as it reflects the light.

It’s only a small thing, but I think the shower should be seen as a place of relaxation, and with faulty equipment, you just can’t find that same level of enjoyment and comfort.

I will be be explaining my choice in the near future. Keep an eye out on my latest blog posts here.

Massage chairs vs masseuse

I work in quite a busy environment, with a lot of heavy lifting involved that can cause problems if you over do it, especially with back pains. As I’ve got older, this has become increasingly common, and is making me frustrated, especially when i’m home for the weekend but I can’t get much done due to carrying a injury.

I had to come to a decision the other day with regards to how I spend my time relaxing and relieving this pain, or I will have to change career back to the office. I’ve decided to make a few changes in my lifestyle to prevent this.

The first of these changes is working towards having a good posture, which in itself has many benefits. I will be doing this by performing all kinds of stretches for my neck, legs, back, and hips.

human-touchAdditionally, I will be looking at potentially hiring a masseuse for soothing the aches and pains from the manual labor conducted throughout the day. The problem here is the sessions will all add up, and it can get quite expensive over time. I don’t see this being a long term solution, although the last massage therapist I hired really did help me.

Instead, after a bit of research, I think that getting a new massaging chair could be the way forward. Whilst the initial costs may be sky high, over time, this will become cheaper than hiring a therapist whilst still being able to use it as and when you want.

Having looked at what some of the best rated massage chairs can do these days, according to, they aren’t far off the real thing, with some great functionality that involves heat therapy, and many differing types of rollers hitting your back and legs for improve blood circulation, and easing any pain and tension.

In my case, I will need something to ease neck pain, back pain, and that feeling in your feet when you’ve been standing up for the majority of the day. So ideally, something that works the whole body including the legs, and has the ability to recline, potentially a zero gravity model.

There are several that meet this criteria, which can make choosing one difficult. But I think Panasonic may be a safe bet. Undecided as of yet though.

One things for certain, if this isn’t doing the job for me, it’s going back to the shop and I will hire a masseuse instead. But having already used a friends massage chair, I’m confident they will really help me with my problem.

Any way I look at it, and judging from consumer feedback on a lot of these seats, I stand to gain much and lose little, as they tend to come with reasonable return policies in case they don’t do enough for me.

Stay tuned for updates on the model I choose and whether or not it worked for me.


Hello to all. Thank you for visiting my blog.

With a bit of luck you will begin to see small bits and pieces of my home DIY project being completed over time. I will be sharing my thoughts and advice on any projects I am undertaking.

Some of these will include a complete overhaul of the lounge and bathroom, possibly the kitchen too. Then looking at sorting out the garage. Stay tuned for more folks.